The Wilder Institute work alongside government agencies to ensure that both endangered species and people are prioritized. 

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We must work together for the sake of a wilder world

Governments face growing mandates from the people they govern to protect and conserve at-risk plant and animal species without sacrificing the livelihoods of local communities. Governments cannot achieve these mandates alone. They need to work with organizations, like the Wilder Institute, who possess the scientific expertise and resources necessary to successfully implement research-based action plans to conserve at-risk plant and animal species. Only through a collaborative approach can we achieve the necessary change.

Sharing knowledge & resources

The Wilder Institute advises and works in collaboration with stakeholders such as multiple levels of government within Canada and around the world, landowners, local peoples, First Nations, researchers, and other conservation NGOs. We do this to bring together all the requisite knowledge bases and resources to scientifically develop, test and implement effective solutions for species-at-risk.

Wilder Institute’s scientific, field, conservation breeding, and financial resources support both our conservation translocation and community conservation initiatives. We want to work with governments to help them implement meaningful, science-based conservation impacts.

Some government agencies we have worked with include:

Alberta Department Environment and Parks

British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK Government

Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

Environment and Climate Change Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service)

Forestry Commission of Ghana

Guam Environmental Protection Agency

Kenya Wildlife Service

Parks Canada (Jasper, Waterton and Grasslands National Parks)

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Washington State Department of Ecology

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