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Hotter, faster fires: can Canada preserve its threatened wildlife? Thursday June 29, 2023
The Guardian: The half-moon hairstreak butterfly is among the endangered species fighting the heat and smoke of a record wildfire season. In late August 2017, a bolt of lightning struck Kenow Mountain in eastern British Columbia. In less than two weeks, the smouldering that ensued had transformed into a large forest fire, tearing through the rugged landscape and quickly spreading into Waterton Lakes National Park.
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15 community-based conservation opportunities to help people and the planet Monday April 10, 2023
Mongabay News: A recently published horizon scan on community-based conservation identified 15 topics that offer opportunities to yield positive change for people and the planet, as well as provide insights on avoiding pitfalls in achieving 2030 global policy targets. Community-based conservation has for decades tried to tackle these interrelated challenges with mixed success and, at times, counter-productive results, but has arisen as a promising and popular approach on global agendas.
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Calgary energy company invests $150K to conserve burrowing owl habitat Thursday February 9, 2023
CTV News: An Alberta species-at-risk is being given a helping hand from a Calgary energy company. Tamarack Valley Energy has announced a partnership with the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo to help conserve the habitats of burrowing owls, which overlap in many areas where the company works in the province. The agreement will include a $150,000 investment to the Wilder Institute's programs devoted to conserving populations of the subterranean bird.
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Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo partners with West African agencies to spur conservation of Crossing River gorillas Wednesday November 2, 2022
CTV News: The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is teaming up with a pair of West African conservation organizations to help advance conservation of the Cross River gorilla. The institute announced on social media Wednesday that it's joining forces with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and Centre for Biodiversity Conservation Research (CBCR) to help build up the Cross River gorilla population, which is currently estimated to be around 300 remaining in the wild.
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frog in grass
Team releases endangered northern leopard frog tadpoles into B.C. wetlands Thursday August 18, 2022
Toronto Star: More than 1,900 tadpoles of the endangered northern leopard frog have been released into the wild in the last few months. The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo said it has been working with other conservation groups, governments and zoos in Western Canada to breed, translocate and release the frogs into some wetlands near Kimberley, B.C.
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Researcher prepping a burrowing owl for release
Burrowing owls released onto Alberta prairie as part of efforts to bolster endangered species Monday May 23, 2022
CBC News: Still only owlets when they were brought to the Calgary Zoo last summer, 20 burrowing owls have since been returned to the wild in southeastern Alberta. "They grew up into adults at the zoo over winter," said Graham Dixon-MacCallum, a conservation research population ecologist with the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo.
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