With Alberta’s unique flora and fauna in mind a partnership between the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo and the Government of Alberta’s Inglewood facility Bow Habitat Station lead to the inaugural Alberta Biodiversity Festival which was first held in May 2023.

We’re thrilled to share that the festival will continue in September 2023.

This family-friendly event will involve activities such as making animal tracks and seed bombs, creating a bear-safe campsite, learning about the interrelationships between animals in each natural region, and hands-on educational games and will inspire Albertans to learn, care and act for the flora and fauna in their backyards. Learn more about the festival activities and dates here.

The festival activities will be included in day admissions at both locations. Head over to www.calgaryzoo.com and www.bowhabitat.alberta.ca for ticketing.

Alberta’s Unique Biodiversity

From the wondrous grasslands, to the iconic boreal forest, Alberta is home to a diversity of landscapes and an even greater variety of species that inhabit them. The Wilder Institute is honored to work with many special Albertan species that call this province their home. Join us in celebrating the intricate bonds between wildlife and their habitats.


Wetlands are mesmerizing pockets of nature found across Alberta’s landscapes. The sounds, smells, and sights are unlike any other ecosystem.

Wetlands provide many ecological services and are integral to the health of Alberta. They cover approximately 21.7% of Alberta’s total area and are found primarily in the North of the province.

Focus species: 

Northern leopard frog 

Whooping crane


Hidden wonders await in Alberta’s grasslands. This mixed-grass prairie ecosystem is found in the province’s most south-eastern corner. Grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystem in the world, but are often overlooked due to their simple nature.

Over 75% of Alberta’s species at risk are found in the grassland biome, despite only 1.25% of the region being protected by parks or other legislated protected areas.

Focus species: 

Burrowing owl 

Greater sage-grouse 

Half-moon hairstreak butterfly

Boreal forest

Alberta’s enchanting network of coniferous trees weaves an intricate tale of nature’s resilience and vitality. The conifers intermingle with as a variety of deciduous species, wetlands, and waterways.

Stretching across a staggering 58% of the province’s, this majestic ecosystem is an irreplaceable cornerstone of Alberta’s natural heritage. They extend from Edmonton to the most Northern regions of the province. Approximately 15.4% of the Boreal Forest Natural Region is protected through parks or other protected areas.

Focus species:

Whooping crane